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The Jesus Hug

By Alex Yefetov It was Men’s Central Connecticut Tres Dias #37, but to me it felt like a bad version of Alice in Wonderland.  The community had kindly invited me to attend the weekend with the goal of later sharing my experiences back home in Kiev, Ukraine. At that time, in 2000, the Kiev TD […]

Revelation at the Rollo Table

By Jan Coleman  When Jerry G. agreed to serve as table leader on a recent Tres Dias weekend, he never expected it would shift the gears of his life. “Going through my first weekend was somewhat mechanical for me,” Jerry admits. “I was awed at the way it was all set up, the way hearts moved.” […]

The Tortoise & The Hare

By Gordon Mackenzie I have no trouble recalling how I felt in the weeks leading up to my Tres Dias weekend. The session actually occurred over ten years ago, but it still seems so vivid and meaningful in my mind that the passage of time has not erased my feelings. In spite of the fact […]

The Serenade

When Sharon Reagan arrived at camp for North Texas Tres Dias #11, she felt totally out of her element.  Just a few hours before, her husband Charlie had given her some send-off advice, “Just enjoy it.” Fine for him to say, she thought, he was on the other side of his weekend. Sharon was uncomfortable […]

A Gift of Life

A Gift of Life

By Margie Wallis When I learned I was pregnant in October 1996, I was less than happy. Harley and I already had two sons, one with significant health challenges. The idea of another child was more than overwhelming and impractical. It was highly unlikely. I had been fighting bronchitis for several months that year, leading […]