How to Start a Community

Often, the seeds for the new community come from a reunion group, a small number of pescadores meeting for prayer and spiritual support in a geographic location where no community exists. They form a vision for bringing Tres Dias to their area, notify the Tres Dias International Secretariat of their intentions, and establish a steering committee to guide activities until a local secretariat can be formed.

The activities that follow, leading to the chartering of the new community, cannot be described as “steps” in a sequence. Rather, each action, guided by the Holy Spirit, becomes part of a dynamic unfolding of God’s love. These guidelines focus on activities that are critical for success, starting with prayerful consideration of whether conditions are right for a new community. All the activities require devout prayer, and prayer and patience should go hand in hand. As one pescador who has helped to start a number of communities advises, “Remember to wait upon the Lord and allow Him to guide you.  Do not be overly anxious to start things moving your way.”

Prepare a Written Plan
Are the Conditions Right?
Chartering Process
Notify International
Working with a Sponsoring Community

Tres Dias is a nice organization for me to fall back on. I feel like I have a support group of people that are diehard. I don’t mean just diehard Christians, but they are real, the love is real.

Mike Holderby

Colorado Front Range Tres Dias