Why Don’t You Quit

Why Don’t You Quit

By Dick Moltz

I get asked sometimes why I don’t quit doing Tres Dias weekends. Surely I have done enough. Why not quit ?

I was at a weekend in Colorado a few years ago. There was this big guy there. Sloppy looking and dirty. Kind of a jerk. Arrogant. Hair wasn’t combed and shirt hanging out. Kept stepping in front of the overhead projector to block the words to the songs and walked out of the Rollo room during talks. Talked while they were giving talks and wouldn’t participate during table discussions. I wanted to take him home. I would have personally put him in my car and taken him if I had had a car there. I actually disliked the guy. On Friday night someone made the mistake of taking some time with him. He washed the nasty guy’s feet. He sat up there in that chapel and just broke down and cried like a little baby. On Saturday morning he came into the Rollo room clean, hair combed and a big smile on his face. It was a policeman who had washed his feet and this guy had spent much of his adult life in prison and hated cops.

This guy died yesterday. He was 59. What if someone hadn’t asked him to come to Tres Dias.

It’s that time of year… Everyone has lost money during the past several months. Work is slow and the economy is bad. The outlook is grim. The weather is depressing and the days are slow. It’s hard, some mornings, to get out of bed. Possibly your spouse is a little hard to get along with and maybe, just maybe, you had some unkind thoughts during the past few months. I urge all of us to remember what we are about.

Originally published in the Birmingham Tres Dias DeColores News. Joe Mayeux is head spiritual director for that community.

Two of my reunion brothers reminded me the other day that I may just be standing before Jesus on Judgment Day and He may just look over at me and say, “By the way, Dick. This one is going in because of what you did. Well done, thou good and faithful ser- vant!”

Please don’t ever quit, folks. Don’t ever quit! They need us—and we still need them!

Love to all, Dick

Excerpted and condensed from the January 2009 issue of Pescadores Progress, a publication of Georgia Mountains Tres Dias.
Used by permission of the author.