Serving on Tres Dias Weekends… Wherever God Leads…

Serving on Tres Dias Weekends… Wherever God Leads…

By Teresa Babb

I have been an active member of Tres Dias ever since I attended my first weekend 15 years ago, and I am thrilled to share my experience whenever someone asks. I always begin by saying that my Tres Dias weekend was the second most powerful event God used to speak truth into my personal life. The first and most powerful event was the moment, 52 years ago, when I asked Jesus to come into my heart! That was when I experienced receiving God’s greatest gift, his Son Jesus Christ. My heart, my spirit became completely new–not just cleaned up but new!

In 2002 my son and his wife invited my husband, Mark, and me to attend a Tres Dias weekend here in Northern Virginia. It was during those three days that I learned even more of God’s amazing Grace! I learned that there was nothing I could do to cause Him to love me more, and nothing I could do to cause Him to love me less. His love for me was not determined by my behavior, but by His Grace! His grace covered all my sins, past, present, and future!
I thought life could not be any better. God had blessed me beyond words! I was a born again Christian, a beloved daughter of the King. So what could one add to such a blessing?
The answer came when I was asked to serve on a Tres Dias women’s weekend in our community! I had thought that my weekend as a candidate was amazing until I had the opportunity to serve others on their weekend. Serving those precious women was an over-the-top blessing!

Then there were still more beautiful gifts from the Lord! Our Northern Virginia Tres Dias community was asked to help start a new community in Southern Ontario, Canada, and yes, I was able to serve on their very first weekend! North Georgia had helped establish our Northern Virginia Tres Dias community, and now we were helping Canada. Then, shortly after my return from Canada, I participated via Skype in weekly team meetings for Women’s #103 in Fairfield County, CT. and traveled to Farmington, CT, to serve on that weekend! Will the blessings never end!

Each of the TD weekends–Virginia, Canada, Fairfield County, and all the others–follows the TD Essentials, a solid guide for growing our faith and teaching us more about God’s Grace. Yet each community has subtle differences in the way the weekend flows, due partly to the training their sponsoring community provided. One community might decorate elaborately and have a full band for worship, while others maintain an environment of simplicity with few decorations and one guitar for worship. Some will have multiple skits, others will have only a few skits or perhaps none at all. And yes, even with all the variations, there is a beautiful thread of God’s amazing grace that binds these communities together! Regardless of the traditions each incorporates, these weekends change the lives of the men and women for eternity!

The main point: serving in your Tres Dias community is a great blessing, and serving in another community here in the U. S. or overseas is a blessing beyond words! So if you ever have an opportunity to serve outside of your own TD area, I encourage you to be a part of that team. You will see that God is there. He is doing His work; we get to see the lives of men and women changed. Wherever you serve, you will immediately know that you are a part of that team, as it is the Holy Spirit that binds us together as the “Family of Tres Dias!”