Four Miracles Updated

Four Miracles Updated

So much has happened over the past seven years! Sarah is now a beautiful high school freshman who loves basketball and dance. Alexis is a middle-school child who delights in all things girly and crafty. David is a athletic middle school student. We were blessed to have adopted Zachary in 2011. He is now eight and is excelling in school and in sports. Zachary has been tested over the years and all exams continue to confirm that his visual, hearing and cognitive losses of those first infant months are no longer found! He truly is a miracle child!

Last year, we also legally made Caleb Isaac our forever son when we were honored to adopt him in July. Caleb first joined our family when he was two and was returned to his birth family a year later. He returned to us when he was four and again returned to his birth family. When God sent this little guy to us for the third time, two years ago, he walked into our house and loudly announced, “Hello house! It is me Caleb and I am finally home!” Yes, little one, you are truly finally home! He and Zachary are both eight and best friends…or worst enemies, depending on the moment!

Ashley and Jessica have also joined us, completing our family with eleven incredible children. The road has not always been easy. We have a houseful of children with traumatic histories and our faith has been tested throughout the years. To provide additional stability for our children, I left my teaching profession to become a full-time mom. We hold tightly to the knowledge God has plans for our family and will provide us with the strength and resources to heal our children if we allow Him to do so. He placed this family of the heart together, even when we had doubts (lots of doubts!).

I am finally coming to understand that we don’t need to see the entire plan. He already has it figured out! We just need to listen and follow His will. Our God will continue to keep us in His mighty hands as we look to Him each day for His love, wisdom, and mercy!

GLYASDI (God Loves You and So Do I)

Cheri Dreska