Blessed Christmas Day To Come And Go and Return Again Someday!

Blessed Christmas Day To Come And Go and Return Again Someday!

By Scott R. Davis

I am brought to the awareness of the vastness of God when I look out at the universe and the canopy of the sky.

For in the beginning was the Word which was God. For He spoke and existence was breathed into life and given form and shape and character.

Jesus began as the seed within Mary’s womb and grew into a babe.

A helpless and vulnerable one at first, dependent on his diapers being changed and being fed.

Yet being taught love and goodness towards others.

This babe in a manger in the desert.

As he traveled the confines of his area, he grew in stature and in favor with God and man. He led others in how to share this journey.

Then he faced the horrors of the cross and the agony. Yet he arose triumphant.

And he will return someday.

We all are living in the middle of each of these points: birth, walking our life path, suffering or triumph.

As we navigate each of these turns, let us keep your eyes to the hills and see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. And live with a bucket list that grows every day and gets redeemed by the moment.

What a masterpiece Advent really is!


Scott R. Davis, an overcomer, is a member of the Fairfield County Tres Dias Community. This selection is from his personal newsletter, which he publishes as “encouragement to lift the spirits of others”