Why all Rollos–Even those from Spiritual Directors–Need to Be Critiqued

Why all Rollos–Even those from Spiritual Directors–Need to Be Critiqued

 By Judy LeMasurier 

I’ve been blessed to serve on many Tres Dias teams, in the US as well as internationally, and I also teach the Essentials of Tres Dias in our community. I’ve heard from other communities that spiritual directors sometimes use the same talk for more than one weekend, and this is also true for several of our spiritual directors. Furthermore, team members in our community (and probably in other communities, too) hold back when it comes to critiquing a spiritual director’s rollo. And in some cases, there is no critique of the spiritual director’s rollo! After all, they’re professionals. And the same courtesy continues even when a pastor, inspired by the Word, lets the rollo run well past the time limit.

On one particular weekend, God clearly showed me why spiritual directors need to be critiqued. I knew the spiritual director personally. The presentation of her rollo (one I had heard before) was very effective. However, it just didn’t fit for this weekend, and everyone knew it. Another sister in Christ on the team expressed her appreciation for the time and effort that was put into the rollo, but went on to say it just didn’t line up with the talks given thus far.

You could hear the sound of people sucking in their breath; you could have heard a pin drop. I went into prayer mode, recalling how many times I had been told not to correct a spiritual director.

The kind sister suggested different examples from scripture, and from life. She presented her concerns with a humble, loving grace that brought tears to my eyes.

The pastor sat quiet for a few minutes in thought. After thanking her for her concerns, she asked for a hug. She volunteered to write a new rollo and said she would welcome another critique.

The new Rollo was phenomenal; it blessed the team and candidates. Yes, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, spiritual directors’ rollos do need to be critiqued. I no longer hesitate, and I use that same loving spirit I learned from my fellow team member. I have yet to find a spiritual director who wasn’t grateful.

     Judy LeMasurier is a member of Central Connecticut Tres Dias. She has served  for more than eight years on the Tres Dias International Secretariat, where she has held various positions including  Vice President Administration.