To Develop Teamwork, Have Team Members Tell their Stories

To Develop Teamwork,  Have Team Members Tell their Stories

To Develop Teamwork, Have Team Members Tell their Stories

If you were elected to serve on the Kansas City Tres Dias Secretariat, it’s certain that you would be asked to write answers to three questions:

Who Am I?

What Was My Tres Dias Weekend Experience?

Why Do I Want to Serve on the Board?

This practice came to our attention during a conversation with KC Board Member Wes Schlobohm at an International Secretariat meeting. It’s an appealing activity, a way to develop a deeper bonding that allows a board (and any other team, for that matter) to perform at full spiritual capacity.

To provide readers with an example of how it works, we asked Wes if we could publish his answers.     In answer to “Who Am I?” Wes sketched in his identity as husband and father (married to Debra for ten years, two children) and as a working professional (commercial real estate broker, auctioneer). But the defining moment happened on October 27, 1997. “On that day,” Wes wrote, “I was led to the Lord when Father God came into a drug house through a used car salesman and pulled me out of hell on earth!” In recovery since that date, Wes reports that he has sponsored ten men through the twelve-step program.

Wes’s weekend was North Texas #46, in Dallas. Here is his answer to the second question, “What was my Tres Dias weekend experience?”

I had never experienced this stillness in my entire life. As I sat through those three days I came to realize that I was “fully loved & fully accepted” just as I was. I knew who I was and whose I was at a much deeper level. I came home and could not look my wife in the eyes without weeping unto the Lord for a week. It was truly a difference: she had never seen me shed a tear in all our years together!

My daughter Sammy was so affected by what she witnessed God doing in my life, she agreed to go back to Dallas to experience a weekend. We left the next day. I am still in awe of what the Holy Spirit accomplished in these two lives in ten days! At her closing she said God had completely forgiven her and made her feel as if she had been washed as white as snow.

 My wife Debra went to Dallas three months later. Our family has been healing ever since. We are all in prayer for our son Connor to attend his weekend. 

Wes notes that it was during those weekends that Kansas City Tres Dias (KCTD) was birthed. “Over the next two years we traveled to Texas, Illinois, Tennessee and Colorado in church buses with as many people as we could to get to go. These are the men and women who today are the launch team and the board of KCTD”

In answer to the third question (“Why do I want to serve on the board?”), Wes describes how he wants to use his experiences “to build Pillars of Faith that will support KCTD for a long time after we are gone. May the vision and values we have set in place continue to bless this city until He returns and restores His kingdom.”

Editor’s note: If you decide to try this exercise for your secretariat, please drop us a note to tell us how it worked. Send comments to