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Additional Shipping payment required for special handling and outside the Continental USA.


You must include
sales tax for shipments to New York.

Click on NY Sales Tax in the menu above, look up the sales tax %, and enter the correct tax for your address.


Guide for Team Members
(For Both Lay People and Spiritual Directors)
8 1/2 X 11 inches; Spiral Bound
Strong Plastic Covers
$10.00 each

Tres Dias Cross (Wooden, Walnut Color)
$4.00 each

New Tres Dias Information Tri-fold Handout
Sold in packs of 50
$10.00/50 handouts.

New Tres Dias Pastor’s Brochure
Sold in packs of 50
$10.00/50 handouts.


Pilgrim’s Guide    (Green Cover New Version)
$1.00 each


Team Guide CD:
“Tres Dias Guide for Team Members CD”
$5.00 each


The Essentials of Tres Dias
$0.25 each


Group Reunion Foldout Card
$0.20 each

Living The Fourth Day
$1.00 each


Audio CD:
“A New Pescador’s Guide to The Fourth Day”
$1.00 each


“Braille Pilgrim’s Guide”
$10.00 each

Shipping and Handling
(Qty X $1.00)

Insert total dollars of additional shipping and handling in “Quantity”
in the Shopping Cart (Quantity of
even $ (USD)) and Update Cart.
This is not required for standard ground shipments in the
Continental USA.
This must be added for shipments to addresses outside the
Continental USA
(APO currently exempted)
This must be added for shipments by air or other special handling.
Contact us for the amount:
Telephone 1-800-347-1581 (US)  001-845-384-1141 (International).

New York State Sales Tax

(Qty X Cents)

Please look up your sales tax % at

How Add:
Enter “Quantity” of Cents in the Shopping Cart (Quantity of
Cents) and Update Cart.
Example:  If NYS Sales Tax is $18.37, enter “Quantity”
as 1837.
Note that NYS Sales Tax is also charged for Shipping and

Include tax on Shipping and Handling.

must add Sales Tax
to orders shipped to New York
Enter the correct sales tax for your address.

Contact  US if you need help:

Telephone 1-800-347-1581 (US)  001-845-384-1141

Organizations that are exempt from New York State Sales Tax must use the [Snail-Mail]
request form.
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