President’s Letter – March 2017

President’s Letter – March 2017

When I was elected president, I shared my theme–and my vision–for Tres Dias, which I expressed as “Together in Unity.” It is essential that those of us who serve on the International Secretariat, and those who serve as leaders in the communities that make up Tres Dias work together to carry the message the founders of this ministry were inspired to write. That message is one of transformation, service to our Lord, and love that transcends denominational walls, and the instructions for making that message come alive are expressed in a document we call the Essentials.

Those of us on the International Secretariat who travel to different communities have seen the various problems and struggles these communities are facing.  We find ourselves asking the question, is this ministry operating under those original directions and guideline that make Tres Dias such a vibrant instrument for bringing Christians closer to Christ?  While many communities are following the Essentials, there are those that are not.  And most of the time those that aren’t, don’t realize it.

The International Secretariat’s membership committee has adopted new policies that will help in this area. To maintain their charters, communities must now conduct Essentials training every two years led by trainers sent out by the vice president of membership.  Previously, the Essentials training for charter could be performed by anyone who had attended a “Train the Trainer” session at either the Tres Dias International Assembly or Secretariat meetings. This certification still qualifies someone to teach the Essentials in their community on any occasion except for maintaining charter–and we do encourage the communities to regularly teach the Essentials. But to maintain its charter, the community must use a trainer appointed by Tres Dias.

Another program, The New Community Startup Model, helps us work in unity by making sure a new community is grounded in the Essentials from the beginning. Adopted by the International Secretariat at the fall TDI Secretariat meeting in 2013, it establishes step-by- step guidelines that will help assure a new community’s success. And it is the only way that a new community can be started.  If you are interested in starting a community, or have already started working with someone or a group to start a community, please notify Vice President of Membership Beau Bruce ( and he will get you on the program.

Those of us on the International Secretariat are interested in each community’s success and we believe that the new training program and startup model will play an integral role in bringing all 104 emerging and chartered communities together in unity. If we can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me. May God Bless each of you and may God continue to bless Tres Dias.


De Colores


In Christ,

Frank Yarbrough


Tres Dias International