Not Sure If You Want to Attend A Tres Dias Weekend?

Not Sure If You Want to Attend A Tres Dias Weekend?

If you have arrived on this page, this means that someone close to you has invited you on a Tres Dias weekend. But, what exactly is Tres Dias and why are your loved ones so insistent that you attend?

Tres Dias is a three-day ministry weekend that is created with Christ followers in mind. In order to attend a Tres Dias weekend, you have to be someone who is either wanting to learn more about Jesus Christ or wants to pursue a deeper relationship with Him. This is not a weekend for non-believers.

wes singing at Tres DiasOnce on a Tres Dias weekend, you will hear a series of talks delivered by both Pastors or leaders in the church and by lay church members (volunteers who are not seminary-trained). You will also enjoy worship, devotionals, round-table discussions and participate in fun skits.

Tres Dias prides itself on having over 3000 churches represented on each weekend. This provides a different flavor to each weekend and allows for deeper discussions and more connections.

Men and women attend separate weekends and, as you are probably aware, cell phones and watches are asked to be left at home. That way you can stay connected and not create distractions to those around you. Don’t worry, we have emergency contact numbers and phones on the property in case of emergencies.



These are the basics, but what should you expect to gain from the weekend?


tres dias 2Tres Dias has been referred to as a Spiritual Spa. The weekend is meant to fill you back up, so you can go back out in your community and serve Jesus on a deeper level. Multiple times in our lives we find that we are consistently pouring into others and then not allowing Jesus to fill us back up. Tres Dias helps you unplug from the world and plug into Him.

All of our volunteers are Christ-followers who have attended a Tres Dias weekend before and have volunteered their time, thought, talent and treasure to serve you on  your weekend. You can expect that you will be surrounded by men and women who are passionate about serving Christ in their own communities and, in turn, are coming back and wanting to serve you. It is hard not to catch some of that contagious love for serving.

Tres Dias 1Since Tres Dias is built on talks and round table discussions on the weekend, many of those that have attended Tres Dias have found that God uses Tres Dias to break strongholds in their lives, address past hurts that may be holding them back in their walks, or strengthens their relationship with Christ. This is why you have been asked to attend –  your loved one experienced a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ and wants to share that experience with you.


Post was originally taken from Kansas City Tres Dias – written by Samantha Stultz.