In the midst of the storm, God had a plan

In the midst of the storm, God had a plan

A Letter from Houston

Dear fellow Pescadores,

As I write the sun is shining, winter is near, and leaves are falling–a typical end-of-fall day in southeast Texas. It’s a far cry from what we experienced in August in the midst of Hurricane Harvey. I am sure “horrible Harvey” will make the history books as one the worst storms on record. The storm hit the Houston area a couple of days before September and dumped 51″ of rain (for perspective our annual rainfall rate is 60″). The
torrential rains and flooding caused many to evacuate, while others waited for help in one form or another.

I have heard many stories about how members from Southeast Texas Tres Dias and surrounding communities served others, and it makes me proud that we are using the Christian servant leadership tools we learned through Tres Dias. This storm has given a mass of fellow believers an opportunity to help the hopeless find new hope, not just in getting their lives back together, but also hope in Jesus. They clearly and strongly felt His love as they were being rescued by volunteers, or later as they worked side by side tearing out sheetrock, rebuilding, or praying. We saw a multitude of acts of Christian love, and these actions continue as we approach 100 days post storm.

As believers, we can have peace even through the storm. As Jesus tells us in John 16:33, “I have told you these things, so that you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (I think we can insert a “hardy hallelujah” here!)   – God has a plan!

The storm hit the Houston area a couple of days before September, a few weeks before our fall weekends. Through many prayers and a few discussions, we felt God was going to use this situation for His glory and we proceeded as planned. Team and candidates alike laid problems aside; we had 40 women and 42 men attend the weekend as candidates, with one lady accepting Christ! Our Lord and Savior can even use a  disaster to create triumph for His kingdom!

Brothers and Sisters, we will get through these and other difficult times as a community. I encourage you to keep your eyes focused on Jesus and be the hands and feet to show the light of Jesus in what seems dark times. At our church, part of the benediction is to “expect extraordinary God activity at all times.” We will continue to see evidence God’s work again and again.

Even through the heartbreak of a massive flood, God has a plan.

Glory to the King of Kings and love to all!

Greg Aycock, President

South East Texas Tres Dias