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What Is the Role of the Policy Committee on the TD International Secretariat?

By Jeff Mehl The Policy Committee is one of the five standing committees that operate under the authority of the International Secretariat. The other committees include Administration, Executive, Membership, and Services. According to the Tres Dias by-laws, the Policy Committee is responsible for: Proposing policies for the movement (subject to approval by the Secretariat and/or […]

President’s Letter

The President’s Letter   It is now just more than two weeks since Hurricane Harvey brought record rains, floods and destruction to Texas and the Gulf Coast. And, it’s just more than one week since Hurricane Irma caused unbelievable devastation across the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Florida, and other states. We had some severe weather in […]

What Exactly Does “Cloister” Mean?

What Exactly Does “Cloister” Mean?

Especially when electronics make it so tempting  to find out what’s happening “out there”. The concept of cloister–separation from the pressures and distractions of everyday life–helps to form the Tres Dias experience. But in practice the cloister walls have always been porous: meal servers come and go, special musicians perform then leave, and mananita and serenade […]

Creative Ideas From The Community

Been Fishing! To recognize those who have served on a weekend team, the Orange County  community gives each team member a special memory of the weekend, a small fish-shaped charm to be worn on a bracelet or necklace. Each charm has the weekend number and rector’s name on the reverse side. The charm uses the […]

Summer 2017 President’s Letter

I had no trouble deciding on the subject for this letter. My most touching and inspiring times this past year have been my visits to Tres Dias communities, and this letter gives me the opportunity to write about the experience. I was blessed to visit more than fourteen communities, some well-established, others in the final […]

The Mind

By Kenny Keeler The mind is a fascinating thing. I once heard someone say that it is a beast that needs to be tamed. It will run as far, fast and as long as you will allow it run. I had never really paid much attention to what I allowed my mind to focus on. […]

Four Miracles Updated

So much has happened over the past seven years! Sarah is now a beautiful high school freshman who loves basketball and dance. Alexis is a middle-school child who delights in all things girly and crafty. David is a athletic middle school student. We were blessed to have adopted Zachary in 2011. He is now eight […]

Why Don’t You Quit

By Dick Moltz I get asked sometimes why I don’t quit doing Tres Dias weekends. Surely I have done enough. Why not quit ? I was at a weekend in Colorado a few years ago. There was this big guy there. Sloppy looking and dirty. Kind of a jerk. Arrogant. Hair wasn’t combed and shirt hanging […]

Jesus Said To Them

by Don Bohl “One beautiful thing about working for Jesus— you’re not responsible for results. You’re just responsible for showing up. He shows you what to do from that point on.” This is how Ray Skaggs, a Texan who once lived the good life as an executive in the oil and gas business, then lost […]

President’s Letter – March 2017

When I was elected president, I shared my theme–and my vision–for Tres Dias, which I expressed as “Together in Unity.” It is essential that those of us who serve on the International Secretariat, and those who serve as leaders in the communities that make up Tres Dias work together to carry the message the founders of this ministry were […]

Aftercare for Pescadores on their 4th Day

By Jeb Harper  Be sure you know your flocks, give careful attention to your herds. Proverbs 27:13 The better you know your candidate, the easier it will be to provide opportunities for them to stay engaged after the weekend.There are two kinds of opportunities: Tres Dias opportunities and personal opportunities.      Tres Dias Opportunities: The first opportunity […]

A Gift of Life

By Margie Wallis   When I learned I was pregnant in October 1996, I was less than happy. Harley and I already had two sons, one with significant health challenges. The idea of another child was more than overwhelming and impractical. It was highly unlikely. I had been fighting bronchitis for several months that year, […]

That Bible At The Front Table

By Dr. Charles Allen Before any talk is given on a Tres Dias weekend, we light a candle. There is always a Bible on that front table, for a very important reason. That book is at the center of everything that happens on a weekend. The words in the Bible have transformed millions and millions […]

The Power of Three

The Power of Three Erin McCallon-Estremera On a sunny, comfortable afternoon in May, three friends gathered together and began their three-day journey inward. When I was considering the Tres Dias retreat and very much undecided, I learned that another member of my church had made the decision to attend the weekend. Okay, I thought, maybe that would work, […]

The Jesus Hug

By Alex Yefetov It was Men’s Central Connecticut Tres Dias #37, but to me it felt like a bad version of Alice in Wonderland.  The community had kindly invited me to attend the weekend with the goal of later sharing my experiences back home in Kiev, Ukraine. At that time, in 2000, the Kiev TD […]

Returning To Our Roots

Tres Dias for Spanish Speaking Communities America has always been a melting pot of cultures, like a giant pot of soup whose flavors blend together. In Tres Dias we value our diversity, and are reminded of it each time we sing De Colores—“of the colors.” Since Tres Dias roots are from Spain, expanding to Spanish […]

Revelation at the Rollo Table

By Jan Coleman  When Jerry G. agreed to serve as table leader on a recent Tres Dias weekend, he never expected it would shift the gears of his life. “Going through my first weekend was somewhat mechanical for me,” Jerry admits. “I was awed at the way it was all set up, the way hearts moved.” […]

A Lesson from the Wedding at Cana

Head Storeroom cha? Why me? Not exactly the role I see myself in, I thought as I pondered the invitation to serve. And then came the more practical considerations: Coffee prep is not one of my gifts, and this job description does not fit me much. Naturally I said yes to the rector, but in […]

The Role of Fourth-Day Coordinators

By Freddie Bell-Berti and Angela Andrew Editor’s note: Many congregations in Fairfield County Tres Dias have special servants know as “fourth-day coordinators.” These are individuals or teams within the church that support new pescadores from that church and keep everyone in the congregation who has had the TD experience in touch with the larger community. […]

What Pastors Say About Tres Dias

In our April-May-June issue, we invited spiritual directors in the Tres Dias communities to complete a short questionnaire, telling us about their personal response to their first Tres Dias weekend and how Tres Dias had made a difference in the spiritual life of their congregations. We hoped that the survey would provide convincing endorsements of […]

The Tortoise & The Hare

By Gordon Mackenzie I have no trouble recalling how I felt in the weeks leading up to my Tres Dias weekend. The session actually occurred over ten years ago, but it still seems so vivid and meaningful in my mind that the passage of time has not erased my feelings. In spite of the fact […]



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Let me close out this special Christmas issue of our newsletter with a quick note to say thank you to all of our pescadores out there and to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This has been a good year for our communities with a lot […]

An Angel in the Pew

Based on a journal entry in Tom Miller’s Encouragement Journal It was one of those weekend church conventions where camper enthusiasts pull their vehicles into a large campground and enjoy cookouts and conversation before the event. Tom struck up a conversation with the husband and wife in the camper next to his and learned that they […]

The Angel in the Plaid Flannel Shirt

By Brenda Higgins In the fall of 1994, I was the chief auxiliary on the ladies’ weekend. The camp we used was old and not equipped for the handicapped, and one of our spiritual directors was unable to climb stairs. Normally, each of the spiritual directors would have her own suite, but this time we were […]

Kairos Prison Ministry

At a time when church attendance is shrinking and smaller congregations are shuttering their doors, new faith communities are rapidly gaining a foothold in an unlikely place: state and federal correctional facilities. What is more unlikely, perhaps, is that while civil liberties organizations are piling stones atop the wall that separates church and state, those […]

If There Was No Christmas

By Rev. A. Charles Allen If there was no Christmas, there would be no Easter, no Thanksgiving Day, no beautiful church buildings or cathedrals, no hymns and gospel songs, no beautiful Christmas trees and lights, no Christian weddings, no twelve apostles, no New Testament in the Bible, no Tres Dias, no access to God except […]

Community Communications

Perhaps the time has come to give up on traditional print-and-mail newsletters. Electronic media offer a less expensive and more efficient means for keeping community members informed. In response to a request published in a recent edition of this newsletter, Stephanie Oppenheimer of South East Tennessee Tres Dias described how her community keeps everyone up […]

The President’s Letter

The President’s Letter

Fellow Pescadores, As I look out my window this morning, I see all the signs of spring, a new beginning. For gardeners, it is the time of planting. Soon it will be the time of tending and watering those plants, and then before we know it, the time of harvest. In Ecclesiastes 3 we read the […]

Choosing an Email Marketing Service

Most internet service providers (Gmail, Yahoo, MSN/Hotmail, etc.) place limits on the number of recipients for a single message on a given day. This restriction has given a boost to email marketing services such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Vertical Response, and I-Contact. These services not only allow users to send mail to large numbers of […]

The Serenade

When Sharon Reagan arrived at camp for North Texas Tres Dias #11, she felt totally out of her element.  Just a few hours before, her husband Charlie had given her some send-off advice, “Just enjoy it.” Fine for him to say, she thought, he was on the other side of his weekend. Sharon was uncomfortable […]

A Gift of Life

A Gift of Life

By Margie Wallis When I learned I was pregnant in October 1996, I was less than happy. Harley and I already had two sons, one with significant health challenges. The idea of another child was more than overwhelming and impractical. It was highly unlikely. I had been fighting bronchitis for several months that year, leading […]

Sponsoring–The Lifeblood of Tres Dias

Sponsoring–The Lifeblood of Tres Dias   By Jan Coleman “I’m not a giant in the world of sponsoring,” said Milt Underwood, as he opened the sponsoring workshop at the TDI Assembly. But as the current chair of Georgia Mountains Tres Dias, he is well aware that, “While God is the lifeblood of any community, the […]

Oct 2014 President's Letter

Oct 2014 President's Letter

  DeColores! Each year we do a survey of all our communities to determine the assessment each community owes. This past year we modified the formula so it would be based on new pescadores instead of active members. This was done for two reasons. First, to establish the assessment level based on a number that […]