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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Let me close out this special Christmas issue of our newsletter with a quick note to say thank you to all of our pescadores out there and to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This has been a good year for our communities with a lot […]

An Angel in the Pew

Based on a journal entry in Tom Miller’s Encouragement Journal It was one of those weekend church conventions where camper enthusiasts pull their vehicles into a large campground and enjoy cookouts and conversation before the event. Tom struck up a conversation with the husband and wife in the camper next to his and learned that they […]

The Angel in the Plaid Flannel Shirt

By Brenda Higgins In the fall of 1994, I was the chief auxiliary on the ladies’ weekend. The camp we used was old and not equipped for the handicapped, and one of our spiritual directors was unable to climb stairs. Normally, each of the spiritual directors would have her own suite, but this time we were […]

Kairos Prison Ministry

At a time when church attendance is shrinking and smaller congregations are shuttering their doors, new faith communities are rapidly gaining a foothold in an unlikely place: state and federal correctional facilities. What is more unlikely, perhaps, is that while civil liberties organizations are piling stones atop the wall that separates church and state, those […]

If There Was No Christmas

By Rev. A. Charles Allen If there was no Christmas, there would be no Easter, no Thanksgiving Day, no beautiful church buildings or cathedrals, no hymns and gospel songs, no beautiful Christmas trees and lights, no Christian weddings, no twelve apostles, no New Testament in the Bible, no Tres Dias, no access to God except […]

Community Communications

Perhaps the time has come to give up on traditional print-and-mail newsletters. Electronic media offer a less expensive and more efficient means for keeping community members informed. In response to a request published in a recent edition of this newsletter, Stephanie Oppenheimer of South East Tennessee Tres Dias described how her community keeps everyone up […]

The President’s Letter

The President’s Letter

Fellow Pescadores, As I look out my window this morning, I see all the signs of spring, a new beginning. For gardeners, it is the time of planting. Soon it will be the time of tending and watering those plants, and then before we know it, the time of harvest. In Ecclesiastes 3 we read the […]

Choosing an Email Marketing Service

Most internet service providers (Gmail, Yahoo, MSN/Hotmail, etc.) place limits on the number of recipients for a single message on a given day. This restriction has given a boost to email marketing services such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Vertical Response, and I-Contact. These services not only allow users to send mail to large numbers of […]