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Revelation at the Rollo Table

By Jan Coleman  When Jerry G. agreed to serve as table leader on a recent Tres Dias weekend, he never expected it would shift the gears of his life. “Going through my first weekend was somewhat mechanical for me,” Jerry admits. “I was awed at the way it was all set up, the way hearts moved.” […]

A Lesson from the Wedding at Cana

Head Storeroom cha? Why me? Not exactly the role I see myself in, I thought as I pondered the invitation to serve. And then came the more practical considerations: Coffee prep is not one of my gifts, and this job description does not fit me much. Naturally I said yes to the rector, but in […]

The Role of Fourth-Day Coordinators

By Freddie Bell-Berti and Angela Andrew Editor’s note: Many congregations in Fairfield County Tres Dias have special servants know as “fourth-day coordinators.” These are individuals or teams within the church that support new pescadores from that church and keep everyone in the congregation who has had the TD experience in touch with the larger community. […]

What Pastors Say About Tres Dias

In our April-May-June issue, we invited spiritual directors in the Tres Dias communities to complete a short questionnaire, telling us about their personal response to their first Tres Dias weekend and how Tres Dias had made a difference in the spiritual life of their congregations. We hoped that the survey would provide convincing endorsements of […]