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Creative Ideas From The Community

Been Fishing! To recognize those who have served on a weekend team, the Orange County  community gives each team member a special memory of the weekend, a small fish-shaped charm to be worn on a bracelet or necklace. Each charm has the weekend number and rector’s name on the reverse side. The charm uses the […]

Summer 2017 President’s Letter

I had no trouble deciding on the subject for this letter. My most touching and inspiring times this past year have been my visits to Tres Dias communities, and this letter gives me the opportunity to write about the experience. I was blessed to visit more than fourteen communities, some well-established, others in the final […]

The Mind

By Kenny Keeler The mind is a fascinating thing. I once heard someone say that it is a beast that needs to be tamed. It will run as far, fast and as long as you will allow it run. I had never really paid much attention to what I allowed my mind to focus on. […]

Four Miracles Updated

So much has happened over the past seven years! Sarah is now a beautiful high school freshman who loves basketball and dance. Alexis is a middle-school child who delights in all things girly and crafty. David is a athletic middle school student. We were blessed to have adopted Zachary in 2011. He is now eight […]

Why Don’t You Quit

By Dick Moltz I get asked sometimes why I don’t quit doing Tres Dias weekends. Surely I have done enough. Why not quit ? I was at a weekend in Colorado a few years ago. There was this big guy there. Sloppy looking and dirty. Kind of a jerk. Arrogant. Hair wasn’t combed and shirt hanging […]

Jesus Said To Them

by Don Bohl “One beautiful thing about working for Jesus— you’re not responsible for results. You’re just responsible for showing up. He shows you what to do from that point on.” This is how Ray Skaggs, a Texan who once lived the good life as an executive in the oil and gas business, then lost […]