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God told Him He Was Going to Witness. But How?

                                                           By Dan McDonald I was praying on Monday after my candidate weekend, “God, is this it? Was it just a mountaintop experience, or has my life indeed changed?” I was back in the valley and I had to drive to a shop in Wisconsin to help install a machine I sold. As I […]

What Is the Role of the Policy Committee on the TD International Secretariat?

By Jeff Mehl The Policy Committee is one of the five standing committees that operate under the authority of the International Secretariat. The other committees include Administration, Executive, Membership, and Services. According to the Tres Dias by-laws, the Policy Committee is responsible for: Proposing policies for the movement (subject to approval by the Secretariat and/or […]

President’s Letter

The President’s Letter   It is now just more than two weeks since Hurricane Harvey brought record rains, floods and destruction to Texas and the Gulf Coast. And, it’s just more than one week since Hurricane Irma caused unbelievable devastation across the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Florida, and other states. We had some severe weather in […]

What Exactly Does “Cloister” Mean?

What Exactly Does “Cloister” Mean?

Especially when electronics make it so tempting  to find out what’s happening “out there”. The concept of cloister–separation from the pressures and distractions of everyday life–helps to form the Tres Dias experience. But in practice the cloister walls have always been porous: meal servers come and go, special musicians perform then leave, and mananita and serenade […]